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Rev. Carol Richardson, M.Div, MPH

Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching



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12803 Twinbrook Parkway #204, Rockville, MD, 20851




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Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching                               


Would you like to access pure potential


for healing and transforming


 yourself and your life?


I empower people to discover how amazing they are as part of the universe,

to experience how incredible the universe is, and to enjoy the bliss of fulfilling their pure potential. 


I seek to empower others because I am passionate about pure potential:  your

pure potential, the universe's pure potential, and the pure potential of humanity

together, because, when we experience how amazing we are, how incredible this universe is, and how delightful we can be together, we enter into a state of peace, bliss and oneness that is beyond all limits; we enter the state of pure potential.  In the state of being of pure potential, love is palpable, peace rules, and all is well.  That is our Highest Harmony!


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Also:  New Service:  One-Day Transformation 


For one whole day, experience deep relaxation through multiple techniques, including guided meditation, stretching, yoga nidra; along with deep transformation through life coaching, energy healing, and hypnotherapy, with your choice of modalities for transforming yourself and your life.  

For a limited time only, discounted price of just $250.  

Regular Price will be $480 after the first ten clients 


Carol Richardson is a gifted coach and healer. If you are looking for assistance with life changes, spiritual growth and and/or healing I highly recommend working with Carol. The One Day Transformation was a subtle and powerful experience which helped me on many levels. Carol has many tools for growth and is flexible to suit one's needs. 

- Besty L.


Jack Canfield with Carol "Anandi" and her book "Mornings with the Masters"


The philosophy of Highest Harmony refers to every person's true inner, core self:  our Higher Self - that part of us which brings wisdom, love, peace, and harmony to heal ourselves, to guide us in life, and to achieve the highest good for ourselves and others.


Our highest inner wisdom develops as we become more self-accepting, less attached to controlling external outcomes, and more guided by inner intuition.  When we reach a highly developed state of inner guidance along with a peaceful mind and a loving heart, we have reached our own highest guidance, or our inner guru.  


Each of us is capable of attaining the truth of that higher guidance, from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.  Our goal is to heal old hurting and fearful patterns and to remove all blockages of the flow of love, in order to empower the full development of your highest and most harmonious Self.



Highest Harmony Coaching is available for individuals, couples, families, and groups - whether work groups, religious groups, or social groups.  


Highest Harmony Healing is available for people of all ages, as well as for pets, rescue animals, and domestic farm animals.



Highest Harmony Wholeness Coaching

Wholeness coaching is a form of life coaching which focuses on developing and empowering inner wellness to help you achieve your highest potential for your highest good as well as for the highest good of others.  


Highest Harmony Healing

Highest harmony healing occurs when we connect with the power of unconditional love, which is the sacred Source of our being.  Through prayerful intention, we access healing frequencies with the assistance of Higher Beings who guide this work for the highest good and for the best possible outcome.  

"Anandi-- is a remarkable healer and spiritual intuitive.


They say when the student is ready the master will appear. A divine spiritual awakening, transformation, and initiation occurred-- connection from the highest realm of Masters, Seraphim and Archangels.


Pure of heart, she served as a spiritual catalyst to move me into my life purpose with the utmost of love and grace. I recommend her for anyone on the spiritual path."


-Steven Spivey

Stone Mountain, GA


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