Welcome to Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching!

Would you like to access pure potential for healing and transforming yourself and your life?

If you are desiring change in your life, or healing for mind, body, or soul, I do understand.
I am here to support you, and to work with you intuitively to achieve your goals.

My number one goal is to help you experience more positivity in your life in all the aspects in which you desire improvement, whether health, career, relationships, spiritual path, or any other area in which you seek transformation and fulfillment.

My vision is to empower you to discover how amazing you are as your Core Selves and as part of this astounding universe, to experience how incredible the universe is, and to enjoy the bliss of fulfilling your pure potential.

My mission is to empower others through the power of pure potential: their pure potential, the universe’s pure potential, and the pure potential of humanity together. When we experience how amazing we are as our Core Selves, and how incredible this universe is, we enter into a state of peace, bliss and oneness that is beyond all limits; we enter the state of pure potential. In the state of being of pure potential, love is palpable, peace rules, and all is well.

When we discover that connection with our Core Selves communally, we discover how delightful we can be together. That is our Highest Harmony!

Rev. Carol E. Richardson, M.Div., MPH


Services are priced as low as possible for the Washington, DC area, because we seek harmony for all and hardship for none.
Prices for most services:  only $60/hour or $1/minute. Sliding Scale Available.

Intuitive Life Coaching

We seek results to achieve your goals!

Harmony Healing

(Seven Rays Reiki)

Deeply relaxing, harmony healing is a form of energy healing which gently creates an overall sense of well-being.  Harmony Healing energetically contributes to greater harmony mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Goal-oriented Hypnotherapy

For achieving goals such as career changes, weight loss, reducing anxiety, overcoming limits.

Affect Bridge Hypnotherapy

 For Emotional Healing & Trauma Release. This can change your life!